Twitter’s growing fast — reading around March 19

CNet: Nielsen: Twitter’s growing really, really, really, really fast — now with more than 7 million users compared with 65.7 million at Facebook. Twitter grew 1,382% in past year while Facebook grew only 228%.

Twitter was acting up today. Maybe it’s all those users updating like mad today during the March Madness games.

Huffington Post: 8 Hard Truths About Stimulating Small Business

The trouble with a small business bailout is deeply rooted in practical logistics. Small business is as diverse and wide spread as the country is. There are something like 25 million small businesses, and 20 million of them have no employees. How does the government help them?

Michelle Leder who writes is now digging deeper into the public records with blog on NY Times — Perks Watch

Calculated Risk: Foreclosure Resales now 52% of Sales in California Bay Area.  The entry summarizes a release from, but their headlines was boring: Bay Area home sales climb above last year as median falls below $300K

CSMonitor: Feathery find could rewrite dinosaur history

CSMonitor: Change pay, change teaching?One thing holding the teaching profession back is its vastly outdated pay system, say proponents of new compensation plans.

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