Mainstream companies skipping Facebook for Twitter — reading around March 23

PaidContent: Facebook Beware: More Mainstream Companies Are Adopting Twitter

NY Times: Sweden Says No to Saving Saab —  Swedish government is not willing to save the automaker

NY Times: Wall Street Journal Is Told to Feed Newswires. Memo from Robert Thomson, new Wall Street Journal editor: “Henceforth, all Journal reporters will be judged, in significant part, by whether they break news for the Newswires.”

What that means, according to people in The Journal’s newsroom, is that the first version of breaking news to go out on the wires should be just a headline and a couple of sentences, written in the simplest terms and sent out as soon as possible, rather than a fuller article written in the more complex language of the printed paper.

NY Times: Young and Old Are Facing Off for Jobs — The young argue that employers favor older workers, who in turn say they are being discriminated against.

The number of employed workers ages 16 to 24 has fallen by two million over the last two years, to 18.3 million, while the number of Americans 65 and over who are working has risen by 700,000, to 6 million.

Wired: Skype Dials Up Bid for Business

WSJ: Are Immigrant-Owned Businesses Surviving Better than Most?

E&P: Advance Announces Company-wide Furloughs — Also Ann Arbor News’ to Close — 3 Other Newhouse Papers Go to 3 Days and NY Times: 4 Michigan Papers to Cut Back on Print

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