Obama seeks to avoid auto bankruptcies — reading around March 17

WSJ: Obama Seeks to Avoid Auto Bankruptcies — So are GM and Chrysler too big to go through a bankruptcy organization?

All Things Digital: A Fail You Can’t Blame Twitter For: ABC’s McCain Interview

A Twitter interview must have sounded great to all involved at first blush — Everyone’s talking bout this Twitter! We gotta get in on this! — but if they’d given it any thought, they’d would realize it’s pointless: Twitter is a great broadcast system, but a lousy tool for one-to-one communication.

So conducting an interview using Twitter is like eating soup with a fork. You can do it if you really want. but there’s no reason to do so.

Reuters: U.S. credit card defaults rise to 20 year-high

Yelvington — Know your own business model

As I observed Friday, newsrooms are categorically blind to the underlying business realities of their own employers. This leads to needless shock and amazement when an overleveraged newspaper chain falls on hard times, a lot of pointless hand-wringing about the future of journalism, and a parade of kooky ideas about how “we” are going to “make them pay” for all the really great content that Google, et al, are “stealing.”

NY Times: Seattle Paper Shifts Entirely to the Web

But The P-I, as it is called, will resemble a local Huffington Post more than a traditional newspaper, with a news staff of about 20 people rather than the 165 it had, and a site with mostly commentary, advice and links to other news sites, along with some original reporting.

Also: Puget Sound Business Journal: Seattle Times in dire trouble: economist

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