How to Twitter — reading around March 7

WSJ: How to Twitter

Puget Sound Business Journal: Foreclosure path started with mortgage after 2 bankruptcies — Puget Sound Business Journal follows some of the 172 families that were served foreclosure notices in Kings County during one week in December. Good reading.
TechCrunch: Robert Scoble To Leave FastCompany

ProPublica: GMAC, MetLife Among Banks Undergoing Stress Tests Based on the criteria announced by the Treasury Department and publicly available data, ProPublica compiled a list of those 19 banks undergoing stress tests.

Banks on ProPublica’s list:

Name Total Assets (Billions)
1. JPMorgan Chase 2,175
2. Citigroup 1,947
3. Bank of America (not including Merrill Lynch) 1,822
4. Wells Fargo 1,310
5. Goldman Sachs 885
6. Morgan Stanley 659
7. MetLife 502
8. PNC Financial Services 291
9. U.S. Bancorp 267
10. Bank of New York Mellon 238
11. GMAC 189
12. SunTrust 189
13. State Street 177
14. Capital One Financial Corp. 166
15. BB&T 152
16. Regions Financial Corp. 146
17. American Express 126
18. Fifth Third Bancorp 120
19. KeyCorp 105

WSJ:Spitzer Is Back in D.C. — in Real Estate

WSJ: Those Who Are Still Working Spend Less, Deepening Gloom

WSJ: He Created T-Ball to Give Small Fry a Chance to Learn the Game

WSJ: ‘Rebalancing’ Your Portfolio Can Be a Tough Ride

WSJ: Poet of the Ordinary —  recalling the work of Horton Foote.

Dave Winer: Poor man’s email? — Includes Google’s interest in Twitter, how Pepsi established itself against Coke and how already established companies react to a successful upstart.

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