Bank of America’s CEO says taking U.S. money was a mistake — reading around Mar. 2

USA Today: Report: BofA CEO calls taking $20B from U.S. a ‘mistake’ —  Ken Lewis also said he would stay on as CEO until the bank pays back all of its $45 billion in government funding — which could take two or three years.

All Things Digital: Can Web Sites Make More Money Selling Fewer Ads?

Eventually, if online publishers are going to really increase the value of their advertising, they’re going to have to find ways to make their ads fundamentally more compelling. But in the meantime, expect to see them keep nibbling around the problem with gambits like this. In times like these, every bite helps.

NY Times: Copyright Challenge for Sites That Excerpt

“A lot of news organizations are saying, ‘We’re not willing to accept the tiny fraction of a penny that we get from the page views that these links are sending in,’ ” said Joshua Benton, the director of the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard. “They think they need to defend their turf more aggressively.”

NY Times: Bits: Google Explains ‘Atlantis’ Mystery Bank of America’s gift to former MBNA CEO…

WSJ: Industrials Drop 300 to Below 6800, Dow’s Lowest Close Since April 1997

WSJ: Would a GM Bankruptcy Crash Its Suppliers?

TechCrunch: Why Social Networks Are Good for the Kids

Facebook makes me a more considerate friend because I now remember people’s birthdays. Over Geni, I stay in touch with my niece who I used to see once a year, but is now helping me map out our family tree. Via Twitter, my parents and in-laws know everything happening in my life so that when I call home, we have substantive conversations, not the awkward, “So…..whatcha been up to?” variety.

ReadWriteWeb: Boons for Clean Energy Tucked Throughout Obama Budget Plan

ReadWriteWeb: Honda Hits the Gas on Cellulosic Ethanol R&D

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