Public pension funds — the next bailout? … reading around Mar. 3

Bloomberg: Hidden Pension Fiasco May Foment Another $1 Trillion Bailout Public pension funds across the U.S. are hiding the size of a crisis that’s been looming for years.

The Oil Drum: Is It Time For A Four Day Working Week? —  While the usual reason for adopting a shorter work week is economic, there is also an argument that working less hours reduces consumption and waste and can thus be justified on environmental and health grounds.

TechCrunch: Evan Williams Predicts That “Normal People” Will Use Twitter In Five Years

Variety: Twitter taking over D.C.The social networking service Twitter has been around for a while, but it seems to have taken Washington’s political and media world by storm since the inauguration.

Dave Winer: Death of Journalism, part 3

The sources got blogs.

Or they’re using Twitter…

NY Times: Generation B: Boomers in a Post-Boom EconomyCollege grads are no longer the majority at job fairs as baby boomers are forced to start from scratch.

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