Reading around — Feb. 18

BoingBoing: NYPD’s enforcement of non-existent subway photo-ban costing taxpayers a fortune in lawsuits

Business First of Columbus: Fed exec: Recession rewriting rules of recovery

Michael Hyatt: 7 Ways to Keep Your Spirit Up in a Down Economy

WSJ: Ode to Joystick: Downloading Titles Without Leaving the SofaJust as sales of music, movies and television shows have gone online, videogame sales are now headed onto the Internet, too.

Washington Post: Economy Strains Under Weight of Unsold ItemsThe unsold cars and trucks piling up at dealerships and assembly lines as consumers cut back and auto companies scramble for federal aid are just one sign of a major problem hurting the economy and only likely to get worse.

All Things Digital: MySpace’s Google Gravy Train Set to Stop Next Year

Midway through next year, Google’s $900 million, 3.5-year search advertising deal with News Corp. and MySpace expires. What are the odds that Rupert Murdoch’s social network gets anything close to that with a new contract?

Very, very low.

TechCrunch:Survey Of Insular Social Media Elite Says: Twitter Is Better Than Facebook For Businesses — Half the reason I like this is the headline

TechCrunch:CardPricer Finds There Is More Money Selling Baseball Card Data Than Selling Baseball Cards

TechCrunch:Tech Layoffs Surge to 300,000

Update from TechCrunch: Facebook Backtracks Under Community Pressure, Goes Back To Old ToS (For Now) and Wired:Let’s Learn From Facebook’s Terms-of-Service FlapFacebook’s recent policy change regarding control over photos, notes and other data shared by its members sparks a major controversy. But it also renews debate over data ownership within online communities. Who owns your shared photos?

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