Carter on Great Depression vs. now — reading around Feb. 19

Atlanta Business Chronicle: Carter: No comparison between Great Depression and today

“There is no comparison to the Great Depression and where we are now,” he said. “The Great Depression was much more severe. Right now, we have 7 percent unemployment. In the Great Depression, it was four times that. Back then, there was no money.”

All Things Digital: Google’s Plan To Save Newspapers: Make Them Look Better

All Things Digital’s conclusion: I think that the best place for newspapers to start is by cutting costs and generating more revenue. But maybe I’m missing something. Would a better-designed New York Times site make you more likely to, say, pay for a subscription to the New York Times? Let me know.

WSJ: Local Web-Ad Market Cools DownGrowth in the local-ad market is expected to shrink, challenging the ad and media-buying shops that rely on the local Internet market.

Time: 25 Best Blogs 2009 – TIME

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