Reading around — Nov. 17

Stephen Covey: The Greater Identity Theft is Our Cultural DNA

The Long Tail: Does the Long Tail create bigger hits or smaller ones?

Michael Hyatt: Book Review Friday: My Top Ten Favorite Business Books (Several I need to add to my reading list.)

ReadWriteWeb: Compete: Google Docs & Spreadsheets Keeps Growing, But User Engagment is Flat

TechCrunch: Online Ad Growth Grinds To A Halt

NY Times: In Times Square, a Company’s Name in (Wind- and Solar-Powered) Lights

NY Times: Ideas & Trends: How Industries Survive Change. If They Do.

WSJ: Cellphone Makers Brace for Shake-Up

WSJ: Bank Lending Isn’t Easing Crisis

NY Times: The Media Equation: Newspapers Jettisoning Top Talent to Cut Costs Circuit City fired its best employees and is now in bankruptcy. Are newspapers following the same path?

ReadWriteWeb: Scared Of Technology? You’re Old! Lots of drama at Blockbuster…

Wired: Five Gadgets That Were Killed by the CellphonePity the makers of PDAs, MP3 players and pocket digital cameras: Their devices have been all but wiped out by the advent of the massively capable smartphone.

Boing Boing: Charles Platt takes a Zero-G flight — being in zero-g is an experience I’d like to have, but it’s still expensive and not practical, so I’ll just read the experience of others.

WSJ: Extinction Threatens Yellow-Pages Industry

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