Reading around — Nov. 18

NY Times: Newest Veterans Hit Hard by Economic Crisis

NY Times: Economix: How Many Jobs Depend on the Big Three? — claim that 1 in 10 jobs is based on the auto industry is for all in the car industry, not just GM, Ford or Chrysler.

NY Times: Web Sites That Dig for News Rise as Watchdogs — As newspapers shrink, rival operations have arisen in several cities, forcing the papers to follow their lead.

CS Monitor: Where should bailout dollars go?

CS Monitor: A lone bright spot in real estate: farmland

USA Today: More hotels go completely smoke-free

NY Times: Why G.M. Needs an Orderly Chapter 11

Yahoo Finance: Florida pension fund loses a quarter its value — Well that makes me feel better. It’s not just me.

CNN: Builders’ confidence sinks to new low

ReadWriteWeb: Murdoch: The Future Of Newspapers Goes Beyond Dead Trees

Publishing 2.0: Hulu to Match YouTube’s Revenue: Ten Observations For The Future of Media

Bloomberg: China Passes Japan as Biggest U.S. Treasuries Holder

graphicdesignr: Newspaper turns off Twitterfeed, gains followersOther newspapers have had great success using Twitter as a conversation tool — not an RSS feed.

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