First NY Times, next WSJ …

The NY Times drops Times Select. Lost Remote’s Cory Bergman: Times Select has been the great experiment in premium newspaper content (the WSJ is a different animal). So does this put a nail in the coffin of the premium online news model?.

NY Times’ action leads to speculation that Rubert Murdoch will open even more of the Wall Street Journal. Will Murdoch be putting money in my pocket?

Also: Lost Remote: Learning the right lesson from the Times Select experiment, which includes the end of CNN’s Pipeline:

Times Select believed that people would pay for its writers because it is “The Times.” CNN believed people would subscribe to its video service because it’s “CNN.” This is no different from stations and newspapers believing that people will visit their sites because they are “the news channel” or they have “the brand” for trust. The fact is that the information rules.

On the Web, you can’t assume your offline brand means anything. That’s especially true when there is so much information that is so similar to your own. (Admit it.) Learn the lesson from Times Select — the right lesson. No — not that people won’t pay you anything. The lesson is that you have to rethink your brand and what it means to meet the online audience on their terms.

Lost Remote: Will go free? Should it?

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