Recall: May 1-7, 2006

Christian Science Monitor: How $3 gas could push US drivers to shiftBut consumption habits would only change if prices stay high, economists say. Sites Let Amateurs Be Published Authors Without the Book Deal

NY Times: Federal Study Finds Accord on WarmingA study commissioned by the Bush administration concluded that the lower atmosphere was indeed growing warmer.

NY Times: Gas Guzzlers Find Price of ForgivenessGroups on the Internet offer pain-free ways to assuage their guilt while promoting clean energy.

Federal Trade Commission: “Gas-Saving” Products: Fact or Fuelishness?.

Macworld: New life for old photosHow to rescue, restore, and reuse aging prints and negatives

NY Times: For Science’s Gatekeepers, a Credibility Gap
Recent disclosures of fraudulent or flawed studies in medical and scientific journals have called into question as never before the merits of their peer-review system.

Washingon Post: New Digital Books Offer Better ReadabilityStep onto a Metro train any given morning and it’s easy to find people feeding their appetites for information. Commuters regularly have their faces buried in newspapers, magazines, novels — and sometimes even Web-enabled cellphones — during the ride to and from work.

Wired News: Teeny Reactor Pumps Out Biodiesel

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