Recall: May 8-13, 2006

A beginner’s guide to eBay: Confessions from an eBay store worker – Part

Google Trends. Also NY Times: Google Shows New Services in Battle of Search Engines also about Google Co-op.

Box of Chocolates: Ten Smart Moves to Improve your

NY Times: Good Times at a Backpackers’ Paradise — Damascus, Va.

NY Times: Whipping Up a Cookbook Empire With Meatloaf Instead of Sizzle — Phyllis Pellman Good’s cookbooks eschew photographs and chic recipes for simple and practical dishes.

NY Times: Freakonomics: A Star Is Made — Where does talent really come from? or practice, practice, practice …

Business 2.0: 5 ways to start a company (without quitting your day

Paul Graham: Great ideas for startups and The Hardest Lessons For Startups To — Getting To Done: Don’t be an employee

Raible Designs: Tips for Productivity and Happiness at

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