April anniversaries

April is the month for some online anniversaries. Steve Yelvington lists the things online or “new” media should do in the next 10 years in reflecting his 10 years. Brian Chin compares the difference in his eight years online.

This is my eighth year working online too. It’s exciting that so much has been accomplished, but so much more seems about to happen. We’re still trying to figure this business out, and it’s exciting to write the rules as you go. What looked like the “next and greatest” two years ago, isn’t now. But there’s always something just over the horizon to be excited about.

What I like is the dynamic relationship with the readers (users). You can see the reaction to good work and high interest from the traffic reports and the reaction from readers with their comments and email.

Our site feels more alive than print edition. People often skip the page one stories from our print editions and choose stories from inside the paper to read some piece they find interesting or informative.

A hot story gets instant reaction. Old stories live on finding new readers each week. Something is added to the site and readers’ react, it’s a great feeling. Or, if it doesn’t work out, it becomes a learning experience.

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