WSJ: the value of reader’s clicks

The Wall Street Journal began a multi-part series today on the value and use of the data collected from reader’s search and web clicks. Cookies and other data-tracking methods have been around for years, but the article notes that much more data is being collected and cross-referenced now.

In an ad-driven world, it’s important that advertisers reach the most effective audience they can, which means getting ad message in front of consumers at critical times. Showing me Barbie ads, even the new video Barbie, is not going to get me to buy it.

The package’s timing is comes days after Senate committee hearings on privacy, whick were viewed either as a joke by some, see ars technia Congress ponders privacy of your underwear, immortal soul or a serious development in the industry, see Senate eyes online privacy rules.

Privacy is a flash subject, where readers get very upset when the alerted to the data collected, but time after time, they are willing to give away sensitive information for trinkets.

Other pieces of Saturday’s WSJ package:

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