Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-23

  • RT @toddbishop Steve Ballmer scribbling on a Mac. Like Thomas Kinkade signing a Van Gogh? #
  • RT @JeffElder Conan's exit Friday, means, in the annals of "Tonight Show" history, Johnny's guest host Joey Bishop hosted more shows (177). #
  • RT @George_Erb Congressional subcommittee investigates FDIC's seizure and sale of Washington Mutual to JPMorgan. #
  • Good review by Mossberg: Digital File Cabinet You Can Bring With You Anywhere #WSJ #evernote #
  • RT @bizjournals: An inspiring story of a former bank teller who became blind at 40 and became CEO of the bank. #
  • TechFlash: Mobile application downloads expected to top $6 billion this year. #
  • RT @johnhcook Rob Glaser's stock holdings in RealNetworks surged by $40M this week after resignation. #
  • RT @bizjournals: If you enjoy reading about startups: Taking the startup plunge, and taking you along for the ride. #
  • The Pickens Plans winds down: Pickens Shelves Texas Wind Project #WSJ #
  • RT @yelvington Eyeballing Google News, it appears NYT and Wapo are biggest beneficiaries of Google dropping its AP feed. #
  • Don't Bet on Efficient-Market Model #WSJ — index funds #
  • Xbox Live is more international than I realized. Knowing French can be handy when you're fighting zombies. #

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