Sprucing up online display ads — reading around May 6

WSJ: Sprucing Up Online Display AdsOnline display ads are taking a hit, with many marketers questioning their effectiveness. Now, some Web companies are trying to breathe new life into the format.

ReadWriteWeb: Twitter Crowns Bit.ly As The King of Short Links; Here’s What It MeansToday Bit.ly quietly became the new default link shortening service for Twitter.

WSJ: Take This Dream and Crunch ItThe greatest advantage of working for yourself may be the independence — but higher expenses and other costs come along with this liberty. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you ponder a business budget.

ReadWriteWeb: Startup 101: Introducing Our Serialized “How to Build a Startup” Book — Targeted to tech startups. Startup 101 is for first-time entrepreneurs who want to go through the whole startup life cycle – including raising money, building a valuable business, and making a lot of money by selling the venture or taking it public.

WSJ: Franchise Sales Pull BackDiscouraged by economic conditions, some franchisers are cutting back on efforts to sell franchises.

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