Reading around — Feb. 6

WSJ: Loopholes Sap Potency of Pay LimitsSome compensation professionals already are pointing out potential holes in the rules, including tactics such as changing executives’ titles or rearranging pay packages. Just as past attempts by the government to restrict executive pay largely backfired, these people warn, the new curbs also may have unintended consequences. Any Econ 101 student could have predicted this.

Washington Post: Treasury Overpaid for Bank Assets in Bailout, Oversight Panel Says

USA Today: Worried about inflation in the future? Consider TIPS

BoingBoing: Mystery maple syrup stink of New York revealed —  The mysterious, vexingly delicious smell of maple syrup that has been terrorizing New Yorkers for years, wafting about on its mysterious errands, has been run to ground. It is fenugreek, emitted from a New Jersey perfume plant.

WSJ: In Merrill Deal, U.S. Played Hardball — Bank of America’s Ken Lewis: This Merrill Lynch deal stinks, can we get out of it? Feds: No. And if you bring this up again, we’ll fire you.

WSJ:More Web Ads Improve Their AimAs marketers scale back their ad budgets, some new technologies that make it easier for marketers to track the impact of their online advertising are gaining ground.

WSJ: Young Australian Puts a New Spin on Bowling: He Throws Two-HandedYouTube clip

WSJ: Mr. Clean Takes Car-Wash Gig — car wash franchises from P&G.

WSJ: Internet Killed the Video StarThe recession may be accelerating a structural shift towards free or low-cost Web video — either TV or movies — and away from traditional delivery methods, such as cable TV or DVDs.

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