Reading around — Jan 8

WSJ: U.S.: Madoff Had More Than $173 Million in Checks in Signed Checks in Desk — There are a 100 investors who are glad Mardoff had not deposited their checks.

AP (via Wired): Obama Still Fighting For His Right To Blackberry

NY Times: Many Ways to Plug in to Tech Savings — Ideas I liked: cancel cellphone contract for pre-paid, cancel cable for Hulu, buying refurbished computers

NY Times: S.E.C. Said to Reopen Pequot Inquiry

Yahoo: U.S. companies face $409 billion pension deficit

ReadWriteWeb: Report: Apple Dominates the Mobile Web

Calculated Risk: Commercial RE Delinquencies Double over last 90 days

WSJ: Big Slide in 401(k)s Spurs Calls for Change The most obvious pitfall is that 401(k) plans shift all retirement-planning risks — not saving enough, making poor investment choices, outliving savings — to untrained individuals, who often don’t have the time, inclination or know-how to manage them.

From WSJ:


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