Reading around — Jan. 23 The SEC was also asking questions about John Thain…

WiredNews: The Plot to Kill Google

TechCrunch: Google Puts The Squeeze On Free Apps

Reuters: Obama keeps BlackBerry, after all

AllThingsDigital: How Many People Watched Obama’s Inauguration on the Web? A Lot.Credit NewTeeVee’s Liz Gannes for trying to get her arms around the size of the audience that watched Tuesday’s proceeding on the Web. She was able to tally 70 million views, and notes that U.S. TV outlets totaled about 37.8 million viewers.

Washington Post: Treasury Pick Misfiled Using Off-the-Shelf Tax Software — Millions of Americans might be surprised to learn that the man nominated to be the next Treasury secretary — New York Fed President Timothy F. Geithner — did his taxes using the same software they do: TurboTax, a fact revealed in his Senate confirmation hearing.

ReadWriteWeb: Female Media Multitaskers Outpace Males; Disparity Increases Over Time

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