Reading around — Dec. 18

Publishing 2.0 —When A Newspaper Stops Publishing In Print, What Happens To The Print Advertising Dollars? — daily newspapers are seeing about a quarter to one-third of the ad buy when ad dollar go from print to online.

CNNMoney — Sign of the times: Stolen Christmas trees

NY Times: Madoff Scandal Shaking Real Estate IndustryCommercial brokers and developers had heavily invested with Bernard L. Madoff, whose business style mirrored the practices of the real estate world.

WSJ: BlackBerrys Again Get Sleeker but Can’t Challenge iPhone

WSJ: One Man’s Quest to Catch Bernard Madoff

WSJ: How Apple Could Survive Without Steve Jobs

TechCrunch: Death To The PR EmbargoPR firms are out of control. Today we are taking a radical step towards fighting the chaos. From this point on we will break every embargo we agree to.

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