Reading around — Nov. 24

Kevin Kelly: Screen FluencyWe were once People of the Book but now we are becoming People of Screen. But to complete this transformation in full we need a set of tools which will allow us to manipulate, create, and process moving images with the same ease we have for words.

Lifehacker: Trim Your Budget by Reclaiming the Special Treats

Richard Karlgaard: Twelve Steps To Economic Recovery

Business Opportunities: Lifetime Spent On Fun And Games — a profile of the inventor of Twister and Nerf balls

Business Opportunities: Crowdsourcing The Sales ForceLeadVine lets users post the types of sales leads they seek along with the referral fee they’re willing to pay; the community is then invited to earn that fee by making the desired connections. Fees listed on the site must be at least USD 50, but the range is considerable.

WSJ: Builders Make Plea for Federal AidStruggling U.S. auto makers left Washington empty-handed after weeks of pleading for a handout, but that hasn’t deterred home builders from stepping up to lobby Congress for help.

WSJ: Investors Say Wait Till Next Year

Variety: Needed: TV Network bailout?

TechCrunch: Acquisition Dance Between Facebook And Twitter Over For Now?

WSJ: ‘Cyber Monday’ Discounts Bloom

Lifehacker: GreatSummary Boils Down a Web Page to a Few Sentences

TechCrunch: Facebook Wins An $873 Million Judgment Against Spammers That It Will Never Collect

Digital Rules by Rich Karlgaard: Detroit’s Brand KillerIn addition to its other mistakes, Detroit’s addiction to fleet sales, particularly of rental cars, was a killer.

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