Blogging as a career? Don’t quit your day job

NY Times looks a several blogging stars and finds the stars are few and far apart.

Mark Cuban, Xeni Jardin, Glenn Reynolds are profiled, but for others considering a full-time blogging career, the prospects of paying the bills is bleak.

Philip Kaplan, president for products at AdBrite, cautions that only one in six blogs draws even 500 page views a day. At that pace, you would make at most $45 a month, even if the site were decked out with full-page ads.

There are two good tips for bloggers in the piece:

Fit blogging into the holes in your schedule. “Deal with the rest of your life first,” advises Glenn Reynolds …

Just post it already! The hurdle that stops many would-be bloggers is fear of clicking the “Publish” button.

New York Times: So You Want to Be a Blogging Star?

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