A peek at Google’s operations

Google’s share of the search market is almost 50 percent — not bad for the youngest player in search. Trying to keep up with millions of web sites and pages updating daily though is challenge. The NY Times spent a day with some of the software engineers who keep tweaking the search algorithm that is the heart of its search engine to make it easier for users to find what they want when they type in phrases such as “Brittany Speers” are looking for “Britney Spears” (Google Keeps Tweaking Its Search Engine).

As the NY Times notes:

As Google constantly fine-tunes its search engine, one challenge it faces is sheer scale. It is now the most popular Web site in the world, offering its services in 112 languages, indexing tens of billons of Web pages and handling hundreds of millions of queries a day.

Even more daunting, many of those pages are shams created by hucksters trying to lure Web surfers to their sites filled with ads, pornography or financial scams. At the same time, users have come to expect that Google can sift through all that data and find what they are seeking, with just a few words as clues.

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