Recall: week of Sept. 18. 2006

NY Times: Click Fraud Is Growing on the WebPay-per-click advertising fraud is becoming more pervasive as spurious clicks can be generated through automated programs.

USA Today: Teens turn to TV, Internet for newsHalf of all high school students get news online at least once aweek, but teens rate TV the easiest-to-use news source – and the most accurate, says a study out Friday.

Lost Remote: 
Gamers are a targeted marketing gold mineRoughly 17 percent of the adult population are console gamers. They consider themselves trendsetters and consume an above-average amount of media according to a new study by Universal-McCann. They are also acceptingof product placement in moves and television. The study said that the media consumption habits of console gamers, combined with their feelings toward advertising, make them a good target for marketers.

Christian Science Monitor: Eons: ‘MySpace’ for the boomer set — Seniors are logging on to and discovering the world of online networking. Add to that Facebook opening itself to anyone. Will there be anyplace on the internet that teens can hang out? See: Knowledge@Wharton — Losing Their Cool: The Downside of Expanding Hot Social Networking SitesThe problem: The move could be risky if it blurs the company’s focus and dilutes its brand.

Washington Post: If Only We Knew Then What We Know Now About Windows XP—  If Microsoft had known it would be living with XP for so long, itshould have pushed back its release to fix some of those problems.

Butcould it have known how bad things would get? Could anyone? The reviewof XP that ran under this byline five years ago never even used theword “security.”

Lifehacker: Seventeen things every freelancer should know — Veteranfreelance illustrator Megan Jeffrey lists 17 things she’s learned overthe 17 years she’s been self-employed. How to: avoid back pain while at the computer

USA Today:Blogs put businesses on Web search map Huntingfor ways to boost revenue, a growing number of small businesses areadding another weapon to their marketing arsenal. Good one to check out: Lincoln Sign Co. — Signs never sleep blog.

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