Better than Monopoly

From N.Y. Times via — Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” created Cashflow game, which fans say is teaching them how to create wealth and change their lives. The game costs $195 and has sales of $33 million, creating a good deal of wealth for Mr. Kiyosaki.

Update: I’d seen “Rich Dad” in bookstores, but I didn’t realize it’s become such an industry, including seminars and a show soon on Fox News.

“Rich Dad, Poor Dad” has critics, including John T. Reed, author of books on real estate investing and publisher of the newsletter Real Estate Investor’s Monthly. Reed’s criticism of Kiyoaski is that many of his biography claims are inaccurate, including the basic premise that he learned from two dads.

“I am extremely skeptical as to whether he has done or seen many of the investment things he claims to have done or seen. He claims to be an experienced, millionaire, real-estate investor, yet the book is full of statements that I would expect only from a rather ignorant, not very bright, novice, investor wannabe,” Reed writes. Reed also maintains a site about many real estate gurus, who seem to be more active lately with their two-hour free, introductory seminars at local hotels.

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