Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-09

  • On Facebook, ‘Likes’ Become Ads #
  • Socialcam and Facebook look like a pr disaster ready to happen. Don't embarrass users — they will get angry. #
  • Good products for Instagram — sports teams, cruise, Sharpie #smclt #
  • Trying to concentrate on social media, keep drifting to BBQ @theqclt #smclt w @beskelton #
  • At one time, Frontier, Userland was useful to me — @davewiner: Today's screencast: The many lives of Frontier. #
  • Thanks to @bskelton and @rgjohnston for info on Snoops location becoming Phat Burrito. Hunt is on for local cheesburger joint. #clt #
  • Sad news about Ray Bradbury. He wrote some wonderful stories and was an inspiration. #
  • "(E)verything was going okay until the fire reached the ROTC's supply of cannon powder." #
  • Twitter has the fail whale. What should Facebook's fail icon be? They need it tonight. #
  • Poor #underdog Posterous RT @mashable: Take your tumbling to the next level with our 11 tips for Tumblr power users – #
  • Hoping for a cheeseburger from Snoops on Hawthorne today, but they were closed and the windows papered over. Oh dear. #clt #
  • Why MIT’s Technology Review is going digital first and why membership benefits are better than paywalls #
  • Google is acquiring messaging and advertising service Meebo for its Google+ team via @TNWgoogle #
  • Looking ahead as newspapers trim publishing days #
  • What Happens When They Get Drones? – #
  • Lawsuit against Kleiner Perkins rivets Silicon Valley and its venture capitalists #
  • Becky McCray @sbsurvival on the trends for rural and small town businesses in 2012 #
  • Why Twitter Is a Better Brand Platform Than Facebook via @adage #
  • Harris Teeter, Lowes Foods to swap locations in 16-store deal via @CBJnewsroom #

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