Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-19

  • ParidContent; Google Paid Content System For Publishers May Be Coming By Year-End — #
  • @toddbishop on Xbox 360 "bribery" If everyone is a journalist, should basic journalistic ethics apply to everyone? #
  • The Lede covers BP's hearing with the House. Just watched Diane Wilson's arrest at the hearing. #
  • Three library branches in Charlotte are closing this week due to budget cuts. Sad. #clt #
  • WindyCitizen and Davis Wiki among the 12 winners in Knight Foundation's 2010 News Challenge: #
  • Good news. @Caspio: Caspio now supports database-driven charts and graphs (in beta). #
  • Nieman Reports: straddling print and digital publishing, the role of the gatekeeper has markedly morphed. #
  • "The Big Short" is fascinating read. Investors Who Foresaw the Meltdown – #
  • Zombies on the homepage — Newsweek Rises From the Dead – #
  • @bizjournals BP station owners fear boycott: #
  • Starbucks to offer free Wi-Fi — no surprise that this is is more our best-read story today. #
  • I like the new wallpaper ad showing today when I log in at Yahoo. #

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