Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-17

  • – the south isn't the only area where folks wanted to leave the Union #
  • Economic recovery is our most-read story today: Ford workers ‘borderline giddy’ over turnaround #
  • Good small-biz stort — K.C. Dry Cleaner Tries to Compete Against P&G. #
  • Airports that airlines and passengers forgot. I remember MidAmerica near St. Louis. #
  • Today's best read story: Cisco says ‘email has to change’ – #
  • Goood discussion too @ScottHepburn Should newspaper editors recalibrate themselves to 2010? (by @andybeal) #
  • @KirstenGrind at our Puget Sound paper covers the #WaMU hearings live from the U.S. Senate hearing room. #
  • @techflash: Google upgrades Google Docs, continues assault on Microsoft #
  • Boomers lead startup rise — most recent company founders are between the ages of 46 and 64. #
  • Southwest Airlines, Apple, UPS, and Intuit top ACBJ survey of the strongest brands. #
  • News Sites Rethink Anonymous Online Comments – — moving away from anonymous comments #
  • Readers look for reasons to not click to a story, and journalists too often fail to convince them why they should. #

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