More good quotes and statements from SXSW Interactive 2010

Kami Huyse @kamichat on Southwestern’s response to Kevin Smith removal:
“Their post was about policy. Leading with policy always fails. You can’t communicate through the lens of policy.”
Jessamyn West and Jenny Engstrom on what new internet users hate about web sites from their talk on the Digital Divide:
  • Advertising
  • Forced registration
  • “watch this video to learn this”
  • PDFs
  • DHTML menus and tiny triangles
Monica Guzman on corrections in Twitter with If seattlepi makes an error in a Twitter post, they note the correction in a new post and remove the old one because not everyone following the stream sees the corrected before forwarding or replying.
Jesus Diaz with Gizmodo for supplying the CNBC video about this story on the reaction to Steve Jobs’ Health Declining Rapidly, Reason for MacWorld Cancellation. This video shows what a circus media can be at times:

Becky McRay of SmallBiz Survival for how important economic development in small and rural areas are.

Among McRay’s businesses: liquor store and cattle ranch:

“I file four Schedule Cs on the personal income taxes.”

AK Pradeep for the video “Dr NeroFocus-Listen To Your Brain”

AK Pradeep on the best way for kids to study:

  1. Watch TV
  2. Eat dinner
  3. Do homework
  4. Go to bed

His reason? The brain consolidates your memories, so you want it process the homework rather the TV show.

Evan Williams, CEO of Twitter:

Openness or transparency in a company? “Openness is a door. Transparancy is a window.”

“We have always held that it was important that Twitter reach the weakest signals, which would be SMS to mobile phones.”

Mark Risher, Sr. Director of Product Management, Yahoo! Mail Yahoo! on email’s demise:

“The death of email is exaggerated. It’s still the best way to for one to few.”

Jay Habegger, founder of OwnerIQ Inc. comparing the privacy standards of BtoB web sites compared with BtoC:

BtoB word is much looser. “It behaves about five years behind the norms in the BtoC sites.”

Jim Coudal on the CPM mode of advertising:
“CPM is not the model. It’s in a downward spiral. It’s in a downward spiral. To counter it, you end up increasing the number of ads.”

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