Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-09

  • Rule of 72 and current savings account rates means your money will double in 1442 years. Why save? #
  • RT @johnhcook Washington high schoolers can take game design, entrepreneurship classes at a new online school. #
  • RT @toddbishop: OK, consumer electronics industry, give me this: A hotel TV that doesn't turn on at maximum volume. #
  • The Numbers Guy : Fun with Calendars #WSJ # #
  • RT @ilowery Flu fears lead Southwest to jettison blankets, pillows. #
  • NYTimes: How to Train the Aging Brain — get out of the comfort zone to push and nourish your brain. #
  • NYTimes: Watching TV Together, Miles Apart — we tried something like this before Skype. #
  • WSJ: Economists Are Often Cheapskates. #

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