Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-18

  • Walter Cronkite was the best in an era that has long passed. #
  • The 10 most hazardous foods to eat while driving. #
  • David Pogue makes Google Voice sound very appealing. So now I'm waiting for my invitation #
  • Traffic has been light in Charlotte this week. Is everyone else on vacation? #
  • Chris Anderson practices what he preaches in "Free" — it's a free download of the book. #
  • If someone can do what you do for free, your business model is in trouble, says Bill Gurley with Benchmark Capital #
  • In Nashville, iconic Chevrolet dealer Jim Reed is dropped by GM What will become of "Ol' Jim"? #
  • RT@johnhcook Is this a good idea? A D.C. think tank proposes giving every K-12 student in the U.S. a Kindle. #
  • McGraw-Hill wants to sell BusinessWeek #
  • Bizjournals' latest survey question: Should Ben Bernanke be chosen for a second term as Fed chairman? #
  • We asked how far people were traveling on their summer vacation. 2 answers tied: more than 750 miles and no vacation #

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