Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-04

  • U.S. may see double-dip recession by late 2010 Chamber of Commerce economist says #
  • After eating, people used to smoke. Now they check their mobile phones. #
  • RT @toddbishop Leaping from Windows XP to 7? Some important stuff to consider #
  • Start-up Seattle Courant says good-bye. Founder says more money and more business management was needed. #
  • Malcolm Gladwell reviews Chris Anderson's "Free" The Future of a Radical Price". Gladwell says free has limits. #
  • RT @toddbishop Photo gallery: Microsoft's sidewalk memorial to Encarta, Money, Bob and other fossils #
  • bizjournals asked if readers would miss a print version of their local daily newspaper — 56% said no. #
  • RT @bizjournals Google has increased size limits on YouTube and Gmail. I can never have enough storage space. #
  • Tips from Bob Woodward on Investigative Journalism — on YouTube. #
  • WSJ: Companies Cope With Twitter Imposters. It's been a problem for us too. #

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