Catching up with WSJ — reading around May 31

WSJ: The End of the Affair –P.J. O’Rourke writes a witty essay about what’s happened to our love affair with cars.

WSJ: Weighing a Crusader’s Legacy — a new biography on I.F. Stone, including allegations he worked closely with Soviet intelligence prior to WWII.

WSJ: Crime Novels in a Cold Place — More Scandinavian mystery novels on the heels of “Wallander”

WSJ: The Secrets of Independent Retailing Success“Retail Superstars” tells how the maverick, eccentric or just plain detail-oriented independent retailer can still flourish in the era of big-box stores. One sure-fire crowd pleaser: Make sure your restrooms are nice.

WSJ: Startling Spy StoryEric Ambler ‘s espionage novel “A Coffin for Dimitrios,” whose protagonist is a mystery writer, was postmodern back in 1939.

WSJ: Charlaine Harris on ‘True Blood’ and Vampires

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