Bizjournals to be home of — reading around May 20 moving to bizjournals in July
and AllThingsDigital: Portfolio Lives! Sort Of: Web Site Adopted by Condé Nast’s Corporate Cousin.

ReadWriteWeb: Digg: Shouts Out, Share on Facebook and Twitter In — Facebooks and Twitter and maybe Linked-in are becoming the hot linking, networking sites.

AllThingsDigital: Smartphones Selling Far Better Than Dumb Ones — iPhone sold more than 3.9 million handsets in Q1. Non-smart cell phones saw sales drop.

CSMonitor: Why journalists deserve low pay — it was hard to read, but hard to dispute too.

Wages are compensation for value creation. And journalists simply aren’t creating much value these days.

Until they come to grips with that issue, no amount of blogging, twittering, or micropayments is going to solve their failing business models.

WSJ: Orszag: Economy’s Freefall ‘Seems to Have Stopped’

ReadWriteWeb: The Dam Just Broke: Facebook Opens Up to OpenID — Fewer registration windows, fewer passwords to remember, but will web sites lose connections with readers?

Six Apart: Before switching to WordPress, I used MoveableType for several years. Six Apart. Now Six Apart is playing nice with WordPress by offering several of their tools including an ad network, anti-spam and services for WordPress Users.

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