These days, repairs shop booming — reading around Apr. 30

WSJ: In Glum Times, Repair Shops HumEconomic fears are driving a resurgence for repairmen.

AllThingsDigital: IPod to Reach Out and Touch Someone — Skype and other alternatives to the iPod Touch

TechCrunch: ‘Flight Control’ Sales Stats Offer Fascinating Look At Inner Workings Of The iPhone App Store

Calculated Risk: GDP Report: The Good NewsAlthough Q1 GDP was very negative due to the sharp investment slump (this was expected, see: Q1 GDP will be Ugly), the decline in Q1 was weighted towards lagging sectors.

BoingBoing: Clay Shirky Debunks the WSJ’s “Bloggers For Hire” Feature — Continued dissection of WSJ’s America’s Newest Profession: Bloggers for Hire

There was no way to rescue this piece, since the argument rests on incorrect extrapolations from selective readings of suspect data; the Wall Street Journal should be embarrassed to have published it. (The dispositive critique of the “Bloggers: Livin’ Large!” meme remains Chris Anderson’s Don’t Quit Your Day Job, useful as an antidote now.)

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