Home ownership falls to 2000 levels — reading around Apr. 28

Calculated Risk has two pieces on homeownership following the Census Bureau’s that Q1 2009: Homeownership Rate at 2000 Levels. In a follow-up, U.S. Homeownership by Age Group, which looks at homeownership by age groups, particularly the impact of Baby Boomers:

I expect the homeownership rate to remain high for the boomer generation too. Although there will probably be a geographic shift as the boomer generation retires (towards the sun states) and some downsizing, I don’t think the aging of the boomer generation will negatively impact the homeownership rate for 15 years or more.

AllThingsDigital: Why Portfolio’s Peers Shouldn’t Be Celebrating

Here’s how its peers performed during the same period, via the Magazine Publishers of America:

  • McGraw-Hill’s (MHP) BusinessWeek: Down 39.8 percent
  • Time Warner’s (TWX) Fortune: Down 26.3 percent
  • Privately held Forbes: Down 15 percent

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TechCrunch: iPhone Owners Don’t Use Their Devices For Work? Yeah, Right

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