Does Google control the new?, reading around April 12

TechCrunch: Does Google Really Control The News?

Yes, Google makes money from other ads shown besides any searches where TechCrunch posts shows up as results. But the money Google makes from those ads does not detract from our revenues. Quite the opposite. Those searches send a considerable amount of traffic to our site, where we have our own ads. The more people who see those ads, the more we can charge for them. It’s all good.

Michael Hyatt: When Less is More — Michael Hyatt, CEO of Thomas Nelson publishers, says following the practice of “less is more” is a good way for companies to beat the recession.

The recession seems to be accelerating a drive toward simplicity. Many are realizing that complexity is inefficient and expensive.

We are currently focused on eliminating complexity in four areas:

  1. The number of meetings.
  2. The size of our teams.
  3. The value of our processes.
  4. The use of acronyms.
Question: What else needs to be challenged in your organization to make it less complex and more efficient?
WSJ: Tough Times for Town Fathers — Many small towns are dependent on some of the business leaders of the cities for financial beyond taxes. Now the business leaders are being squeezed financially and the small towns worry their momentum will stall

Yelvington: Don’t underestimate the importance of small talkSmall talk is a mechanism for opening channels of communication. It’s a tool for establishing social/conversational norms and overcoming our inbred distrust of anyone outside the tribe.

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