Boston Globe threatened with closing — reading around April 6

WSJ: For Boston Globe, an UltimatumThe New York Times Co. said it is prepared to close the Boston Globe within a month if the unions representing the paper’s employees do not agree to significant concessions.

WSJ: Credit Woes Hit EntrepreneursSmall-business owners are facing a credit-card crunch, hurting the personal finances of some.

WSJ: ‘Insider’ EntrepreneursBecome an intrapreneur by developing a new process, product or service within the context of your larger organization.

Wired: Are Google, Yahoo Copyright Thieves?Media magnate Rupert Murdoch says Google’s and Yahoo’s aggregation services are stealing the news media’s content. While the search engine’s news sections are commonplace, whether they violate U.S. copyright law is unclear.

Boing Boing: Why URL shorteners suck — One reason I don’t like them is that they remove the “trust” factor of a URL. I’m not sure where I’m going on shortened URLs, but I do know with a, or

TechCrunch: Twitter Wouldn’t Sell For $1 Billion, Says Source — Google/Twitter deal

WSJ: AMC Shakes Up Marketing

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