100 million views, zero ad revenue as YouTube and ITV bicker, reading around April 23

ReadWriteWeb: Nobody is Making Money Online from Susan Boyle Video (Yet) — While 100 million are viewing the video, YouTube and ITV bickered over what  type of ads to run.

So how much money did ITV lose so far? About $1.87 million according to the Times Online’s Dan Sabbagh …

ReadWriteWeb: GeoCities Closure Signals End of an Era – Will Others Survive on Freemium Model? —  I think I may still have some pages there.

ReadWriteWeb: Nielsen: Online Video Continues to Gain Momentum

TechCrunch: Android Catches Up To Palm In Mobile Ad Market Share. IPhone Still Blows It Away.

AllThingsDigital: Newspapers Desperately Burnish Traffic Stats [MediaMemo]

Dave Winer: What I learned about being rich

Interesting piece in the NY Times magazine about Twitter and how connectivity is for poor people. I learned about this when I made enough money in the late 80s to realize what wealth buys — distance. Then it took a few years to learn that distance is not what I wanted, in fact I don’t think it’s human to crave distance. People are built to want to be among others, at least I was.

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