What is a depression — reading around March 11

gdpdeclines2Calculated Risk: What is a depression? — With 7 states reporting unemployment rates above 10% today the word depression is going to appear more often. But if the definition of a depression is Real GDP decline of 10 percent, we’re still far from that mark. The chart to the left is from Calculated Risk.

TechCrunch: Are Blogs Losing Their Authority To The Statusphere?

We are learning to publish and react to content in “Twitter time” and I’d argue that many of us are spending less time blogging, commenting directly on blogs, or writing blogs in response to blog sources because of our active participation in micro communities.

TechCrunch: The 50 Media Sites Bloggers Link To The Most

ReadWriteWeb: Newspaper Company Wants to Gain Back Readers By Printing Customized Papers — Reminds me of the suggestion that newspapers let readers print out coupons at their home on old thermal paper printers.

Wired: Times Editor Envisions Future of NewsNick Bilton, an editor in the New York Times research and development lab, doesn’t think much of newspaper. In fact, he doesn’t even get the Sunday paper delivered to his house.

WSJ: Foreclosed Houses Haunt Home Builders

NY Times: The Claim: Daylight Saving Time Can Affect Your Health — So this is why I’ve been drowsy all week.

WSJ: In Ads, 1 Out of 5 Stats Is Bogus also Numbers Guy blog: Advertisers’ Numbers-Based Slugfest

WSJ: Do Recession-Proof Small Businesses Exist Anymore?

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