More trouble ahead for commercial real estate — reading around March 26

WSJ: Commercial Property Faces CrisisSome experts say it now looks as if the current commercial real-estate slump will rival or even exceed the one in the early 1990s, when bad commercial-property debt played a big role in dragging the economy into a recession.

WSJ: How Big Is That Widening Gyre of Floating Plastic?The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, as it has been called, has become a symbol of what some say is a looming crisis over trash. But this floating mass of plastic in the Pacific Ocean is hard to measure, and few agree on how big it is or how much plastic it holds. That makes it difficult to determine what to do about it.

Ad Age: Media Giants Want to Top Google Results: Argue That Professional Sources Should Be More Recognized Than Blogs

Many publishers resent the criteria Google uses to pick top results, starting with the original PageRank formula that depended on how many links a page got. But crumbling ad revenue is lending their push more urgency; this is no time to show up on the third page of Google search results. And as publishers renew efforts to sell some content online, moreover, they’re newly upset that Google’s algorithm penalizes paid content.

Another shot in the professional journals vs. blogger war.

ReadWriteWeb: 4 Ways Companies Use Twitter for Business — summarizes Gartner Report looking at four types of business uses: direct (company tweeting), indirect (employees tweeting), internal and inbound signaling (listening). I was suprised to see how much was being said about our papers before they were regularly using Twitter

Silicon Alley Insider: 6 Features Twitter Users Say They’d Pay For

The Register: Apple proves: It pays to be late — iPhone wasn’t first, and it avoided issues that held others back.

TechCrunch: Please Miss, How Do You Re-Tweet? – Twitter Heads To UK SchoolsThe British government is proposing that Twitter be taught in elementary schools as part of a wider push to make online communication and social media a permanent part of the UK’s education system. Will UK students learn QWERTY keyboard or just texting with telephone keypad?

TechCrunch: iPhone Makes Up 50 Percent of Smartphone Web Traffic In U.S., Android Already 5 Percent

WSJ: One-Month T-Bill Yield Dips Below Zero — safety and liquidity seem highest priorities.

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