Ad woes in the yellow pages industry — reading around March 14

All Things Digital: Yellow Pages Companies Sinking Into OblivionFor a vivid reminder of the way the Internet–combined with a vicious recession–can destroy a well-established industry, consider today’s news from the collapsing Yellow Pages business.

WSJ: Value Is the New GreenGreen hasn’t gone away, but companies are having to consider their “value” equation to try to serve the millions of consumers who either can’t afford premium experiences, or just don’t want them anymore.

All Things Digital: Guess This Makes Him a Dis-AppointeeObama appointee Vivek Kundra’s new job as chief information officer has gotten off to an inauspicious start. After just a week on the job, Kundra is taking a leave of absence following an FBI raid on the District office he previously led.

WSJ: Washington Post to Meld Business News — Combining the business section into other sections saves money and bulks up those sections making the paper fuller. Those thin sections reminds everyone of the paper’s ad woes.

BoingBoing:Haunting photo-essay on rotting buildings in Detroit— These photo are so beautiful, but eerie.


ReadWriteWeb: Facebook’s New Public Profiles: Good for Businesses, Bad for People

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