Reading around — Feb. 3

Michael Hyatt: The Gift of ValidationValidation. Everyone needs it. Hardly anyone gets it. Yet it is the very thing that most people crave. Reminds me of Stephen Covey’s point about choosing to do things that are important.

The Daily Beast: How Newspapers Once Survived Near DeathFifty years ago, when newspapers were dying, Barney Kilgore, the inventor of modern journalism, provided words for them to live by. Now, his advice is more relevant than ever.

Today’s newspaper should be about tomorrow’s events, not yesterday’s. This was probably Kilgore’s greatest insight, and it was one he first stated as a columnist in the Journal at the age of 23


Technologizer: The Loneliness of the Early Adopter —  Being an early adopter means that sometimes I’ve been left in the lurch when a product or service I adopted early failed or was pulled inexplicably from the market. Were you also a user of Pownce, Yahoo Photos, or Google Notebook? Everything has a natural lifecycle, of course, and I have to expect that some of the products I (perhaps too eagerly) embraced will not survive.

All Things Digital: Time Inc.’s Ann Moore Makes the Case for Magazines–And Is Glad She’s Not in Newspapers

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