Reading around — Feb. 2

Adweek: Superbowl Ads — Site also includes the famous 1984 Macintosh ad. See also Wired: The 4 Worst Super Bowl Ads by Quarter.

ReadWriteWeb: Who’s Online and What Are They Doing There?According to Pew’s research, Generation X is most likely to shop, bank, and look for health information online, but boomers are just as likely as Gen Y to make travel reservations online. Even the older Silent Generation is competitive when it comes to email, although that could point to the fact that email is an activity that is trending older.

BoingBoing: US Airways bumps Flight 1549 survivors up to super-elite status for a year

BoingBoing:Life at Wal-Mart

Calculated Risk:GDP Declines 3.8% in Q4

WSJ: Option ARMs See Rising Defaults

WSJ: GOP’s Atwitter About the Net

NY Times: Rising Acidity Threatens Oceans

NY Times: $200 Laptops Break a Business Model

Lifehacker: Coffee Better Than Napping for the Sleepy Driver —  an old entry that resurfaced

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