Reading around — Feb. 15

AP: Charlotte in same predicament as Wall Streetthe city is losing thousands of jobs and an unquantifiable amount of prestige. Residents who invested heavily in the banks have seen their wealth dissipate and lifestyles change radically. Last fall when the stocks of Bank of America and Wachovia were taking their first drops people it was almost an open discussion on what great buys these looked like. The stocks kept falling though.

WSJ: GM to Offer Two Choices: Bankruptcy or More AidWould GM reorganizing through bankruptcy be as scary as GM wants us to believe?

NY Times:
Novelties: Bringing Wind Turbines to Ordinary Rooftops

MarketWatch: S&P heads to first quarter ever of negative earnings“This is the worst; after the sixth quarter of negative growth, it will be the first quarter ever of negative earnings,” said Howard Silverblatt, senior index analyst, at Standard & Poor’s.

TechCrunch: As The Economy Sours, LinkedIn’s Popularity Grows

NY Times: Ailing Banks May Require More Aid to Keep SolventBut without a cure for the problem of bad assets, the credit crisis that is dragging down the economy will linger, as banks cannot resume the ample lending needed to restart the wheels of commerce. The answer, say the economists and experts, is a larger, more direct government role than in the Treasury Department’s plan outlined this week.

TechCrunch: Laugh All You Want, But The Microsoft Store Could Be Great and All Things Digital: Department of Déjà Vu: Last Microsoft Retail Store Foray Was a Bust

WSJ: Jenny’s Famous Number Lives On — the number in Tommy Tutone’s famous tune still lives.

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