Reading around — Feb. 10

TechCrunch: Twitter To Start Charging Companies For Having An Account?No big surprises there, as this is often cited as one of the most obvious moves Twitter could make to start generating revenue, although many are expecting more from the startup who has become notorious for its lack of an apparent business model even after nearly 3 years of existence.

NY Times: Offering Free Investment Advice by Anonymous VolunteersFollowing the model of Wikipedia, a new Web site is building a database of user-generated investment information on popular stocks.

Paid Content: Consumer Mags Struggle Online And Post Worsening Newstand Sales

Wired: Steven Levy on the Burden of TwitterThe latest source of my dilemma is Twitter, which lets you spit out real-time reports about what you’re thinking and doing. It’s fun to track the digital ejaculations of selected Twitterati. But a couple thousand people signed up unsolicited to follow my tweets. And I feel guilty when not serving this hungry crowd—remorseful when I am.

Portfolio: Why Micropayments Won’t Work for the NYT — This is in response to Stephen Brill’s “secret” memo Brill’s secret plan to save the New York Times and journalism itself published on Poynter last November, which advocates micropayments and other ideas to counter the ad-supported model that aren’t generating enough revenue to cover the costs and especially online revenue that isn’t covering the loss of print revenue.

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