Newspapers are doing OK; it’s the publishers who are hurting — reading around Feb. 25

Ad Age: It’s Not Newspapers in Peril; It’s Their Owners: Dailies Still Make Good Money, but Debt-Laden Publishers Post Losses

“Not a lot of papers are operating at a loss,” said John Morton, the veteran industry analyst. “There are roughly 1,400 daily newspapers. We only hear about the top markets. That leaves at least 1,300 papers out there.”

All Things Digital: Upside at the Washington Post: At Least Web Ads Didn’t Disappear Last Quarter

Online revenue was up five percent, and display ads were up 10 percent. Both of those numbers represent decelerations from Q3, when overall online revenue was up 13 percent and display was up 32 percent. But that’s better than the folks over at the Times, who saw online ads shrink altogether in Q4.

WSJ: Online Ad Spending Seen ShrinkingInternet advertising could fall 5% in the current quarter, research firm IDC said, the first decline since the dot-com bubble burst in 2001.

ReadWriteWeb: Just Work Please: Mainstream Media Meets the Fail WhaleABC may have to weather a bit of snark for it, but it’s a great learning experience for them. And a testament to the sheer volume of users who share their opinions via Twitter – and the potential the service holds.

Wired: Google Joins EU Antitrust Case Against Microsoft and Mozilla too, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal: Google, Mozilla line up against Microsoft

Wired: Toyota Wants to Build Car From SeaweedAs Toyota looks towards a greener future, it is exploring ways of using plastic derived from plants such as seaweed. They think it’s only a matter of time before automakers use bioplastics to build ultralight cars that take less petroleum to make, and less petroleum to drive.


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