How quants got us in this mess — reading around Feb. 24

Wired: Recipe for Disaster: The Formula That Killed Wall StreetIn the mid-’80s, Wall Street turned to the quants—brainy financial engineers—to invent new ways to boost profits. Their methods for minting money worked brilliantly… until one of them devastated the global economy.

Calculated Risk: Fed: Delinquency Rates Increased Sharply in Q4 — Commercial real estate delinquencies are rising rapidly, and are at the highest rate since Q2 ’94 (as delinquency rates declined following the S&L crisis).

WSJ: Employers Hit Salaried Staff With Furloughs

WSJ: Defaults by Franchisees Soar as the Recession Deepens — Some franchise brands had loan default rates of more than 40%.

WSJ: So, You Want to Be an Entrepreneur We spoke with entrepreneurship researchers, academics and psychologists to come up with a list of questions you should ask yourself before making a big leap.

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