Reading around — Jan. 29

Calculated Risk: Philly Fed: Activity Declined in Every State in DecemberHere is a new record that will never be broken! The Philly Fed index shows – for the first time ever – declining activity in all states in December.

WSJ: Where Financial Gurus Put MoneyFinancial experts are facing the same retirement-planning headaches as ordinary investors

WSJ: Retiree Hell Isn’t as Bad as You Think It Is The Numbers Guy: Why Quarterbacks Often Become Super Bowl MVPs

Wired: Fannie Mae Defuses Logic Bomb, Averts Weeklong Shutdown

Rich Karlgard ( Can Small Business Lead The Recovery?Does anyone in Washington have Obama’s ear on the matter of small-business health? Small businesses don’t need bailouts. They need flowing credit and reasonably low tax and regulatory barriers. That is all. Innovation and pluck will do the rest.

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